Euro Petrol Stimulates Local Community Development

Lion Group as a leading company in the region considers its success as an indivisible part of the development of the local community.

All companies within the Lion Group - Euro Petrol, Euro Gas, Euro Steel, Euro Therm line, Euro Petrol Trans, DES Subotica, Luka Senta, Minpres Niš, Niš Tehnoproces, Integral Engineering, Euro Garni Hotel Zemun, Transfer R Zahony actively participate in community life in the environment where they operate.

This year's results have encouraged Euro Petrol to donate significant funds to preschools in Subotica, Bačka Topola, Kanjiža, Vrbas and other communities in region. Also, during the floods in May, fuel in the value of 1.5 million dinars has been donated to the flooded areas.

Over the past two years, the company Euro Gas and Euro Petrol were active in the cooperation and assistance to HKC Bunjevačko kolo, City Museum, Subotica Hospital, Association Jogi for children with dyslexia, the Rotari club and many other organizations and institutions. This confirms that Euro Petrol closely ties its business to the local community and encourages active development of it.

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