Final dakar 2014 conference

It is a challenge to drive alone! It is a challenge to drive alone! It is a challenge to drive alone! It is a challenge to drive alone!

No matter how much we talk about the recently completed Dakar rally where the representative of Serbia Gabor Sagmajster won the 53rd place in the overall ranking in the motorcycling competition there is always something else to say and add. On that occasion, the final conference was organised at the Euro Petrol Garni Hotel, the place from which Sagmajster was seen off a month ago by the journalists, in order to summarise the impressions. After the sixth participation in South America, five of which he completed successfully, Sagmajster says that the greatest challenge is when he finds himself alone in the endless desert.

-I am getting better and better year in year out and the result is the best evidence to that. However, in the meantime I have used up my bike. After three seasons that it has endured it belongs to the museum now. Better ranks and new participation mean that I will need to buy a new KTM motorcycle. This is the investment that will yield with results and thanks to this year’s result the invitations are coming in torrents. This year I can travel to a rally to Australia. The World Cup in Abu Dhabi is almost certain, and we think intensively about the competition in Morocco – said Sagmajster.

In the abundance of events and incredible situations during 13 days and more than 8,000 kilometres travelled, Sagmajster singles out the tenth day when he had problems with navigation.

-For the past several years I drive among the first half of motorcyclists from the start of a special test, and this has its advantages. We usually travel in small groups and almost everyone relies on the leading cyclist when it comes to choosing the route. The challenge is when you find yourself completely alone in the desert. That is when the capacity of correct navigation and finding check points that are obligatory becomes evident. On the tenth day, when I practically started a special test again, I was driving between a car and a truck for a moment. That is Dakar, when you need to make sure to avoid craters on the road left behind the trucks and cars. After some 30 kilometres I managed to pull myself out of the crowd and until the end of the special test I even managed to overtake a large number of my colleagues on two wheels – said Sagmajster.

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