The first and immediately the champion weekend at the belgrade car fair

The first day of fair is always marked with the opening ceremony.

Namely, on Saturday (March 15th, 2014) at 12 o’clock the visitors of our stand will have the opportunity to meet, take photographs on the motorcycle, get autographs and spend time with a long-lasting champion in motor-cross and the only representative of Serbia at the Dakar rally, Gabor Sagmajster!

Our champion will share his adventures and incredible stories from the Dakar rally with true lovers of the cycling sport, adventures and adrenaline. This is the event you must not miss!

After a night he has managed to sleep over, the things at the Euro Petrol stand continue with the same intensity, which means in the champion’s manner! On Sunday (March 16th, 2014) a young and exceptionally charismatic champion will spend time with you. It is the matter of the winner of the Golden Helmet based on three consecutive titles at mountainous routes (2011, 2012, and 2013). On Sunday you will meet Nikola Miljković! All our visitors will have the opportunity to take photographs with our champion on that day, to take photographs standing near his car that has brought him all the success, and also to get autographs, small presents etc.

Based on the above-mentioned reasons we suggest you have good rest until the beginning of the fair and after that, we cordially invite to join us for the weekend at our stand in Hall no. 2, level A.

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