Gabor left atacama behind his backs!

The last difficult test at the 36th Dakar rally was driven from El Salvador to La Serena.

Our motorcyclist ended up at the 55th position, while he occupies the 53rd position in the overall ranking. Joan Barreda Bort failed to jeopardize Marc Coma but he is ranked behind Sagmajster because of the problems he had with his motorcycle and damages on the Honda. The last stage from La Sorena to Valparaiso will the easiest at the rally, but one needs to be careful and preserve the motorcycle.

- It was easier than I expected. Previous years I drove along those dunes in the vicinity of Kopijap and the organisers scared us a bit at the briefing just before stage 12. I could have finished a special test 20 minutes earlier, but I slowed down to help my club colleague Deša Janoš with the navigation. However, he failed to collect one VE point before that and he earned an hour penalty. Anyways, the podium is very near now. The last stage is always somewhat relaxing, although one needs to be careful not to be surprised with some technical break down. Greetings to everyone in Serbia and thank you for your support that has given me incredible strength in some crisis moments – pointed out Gabor Sagmajster.

The results of stage 12 from El Salvador to La Sorena (699 km, SI 350 km): Cyril Despres (France, Yamaha) 3:58,18, Marc Coma (Spain, KTM) +2,17, Olivier Pain (France, Yamaha) +5,53… 55th place Gabor Sagmajster (Serbia, KTM) +1:33,23… 67th place Joan Barreda Bort (Spain, Honda) +2:29,35…

Overall ranking: Marc Coma (Spain, KTM) 52,40,16, Jordi Viladoms (Spain, KTM) +1:59,49, Olivier Pain (France, Yamaha) +2:10,16, Cyril Despres (France, Yamaha) +2:14,01…7th place Joan Barreda Bort (Spain, Honda) 3:04,54… 53th place Gabor Sagmajster (Serbia, KTM) +21,54,35…

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