New light cylinder

Easy to carry ! Same volume - better price!

Up-to-date technologies and materials in the production of new LPG cylinders have provided security in its daily use.

The gas volume in the new LPG cylinder is the same as in the older models - 10kg. The weight of the cylinder itself is reduced through the use of stainless steel of light alloy, the reduction is around 25%, the weight now is around 7.7kg.

The characteristics of the new cylinder secure easier handling and simple use.

The list of petrol stations where you can buy the new light cylinders:

1. 153 BS Žednik
2. 158 BS Bačka Topola
3. 157 BS Vrbas
4. 047 BS Novi Sad UŽAR
5. 015 BS Bački Vinogradi
6. 012 BS Male Pijace
7. 161 BS Tornjoš
8. 014 BS Senta
9. 011 BS Ker
10. 154 BS Kanjiža
11. 018 BS Partizan
12. 075 Eurosteel centar
13. 156 BS Zemun 2
14. 160 BS Viline Vode


Euro Gas - operations by European Standards!

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