Sagmajster has arrived!

Gabor was met at the airport by journalists, fans, and friends

Despite the fact that they landed at the Belgrade airport half an hour before midnight, on the St. John’s Day when half of Serbia is celebrating and the other half is being invited as guests, a large number of journalists’ crews, cheerers and friends met Gabor Sagmajster and his crew on their arrival from another successful quest to South America.

Dakar has been “conquered” this time again, in a highly successful way. Close to 200 drivers in the motorcycle competition set off from Argentina while more than 70 arrived to Chile. Sagmajster won the 53rd place.

- I did not even doubt you would come in such a number to meet us from another Dakar adventure. I am fully satisfied with the result, but I am even more glad because I am aware of the fact that I could win even a better position. Buy me a new motorcycle and the results will come. The motorcycle I drive is three years old and that was simply its maximum – Sagmajster was very clear in his address.

Cordial hugs from friends, colleagues and two sons, Sabolč and Ričard, plus the champagne he got from the representatives of Euro Petrol as his general sponsor, marked the moment experienced at the airport building.

-Whether I will participate in the Dakar rally next year is not the question only for me any more. This is now the story for the state and I expect they will stand behind me even more seriously. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Ministry of Sport and Youth, City of Subotica, Euro Petrol and all those who have helped again this time and enabled me to represent Serbia at the most demanding marathon rally in the world in the best possible way – said Sagmajster and set off towards Subotica to celebrate another successfully completed Dakar rally.

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