Sagmajster’s great return!

The crisis has been overcome. After 11 stages from Antofagasta to El Salvador, we can conclude that Gabor Sagmajster caught a good rhythm again.

Today he started as the last motorcyclist and managed to overtake almost 30 rivals during the race.

- We drove for 749 kilometres and at the special we travelled 605 kilometres. Too much is too much. The day seemed endless. I spent almost 12 hours on the bike. This year they exhausted us like never before. Moreover, one of the most difficult days is till ahead of us. In Atacama we will drive as much as 150 kilometres along the dunes. It is primarily the test for the engine, everything will be at the maximum, because of the heat. My KTM is probably the oldest here. It is three years old. It'll hold, I guess, and if it is to work, do not worry about me, I'll get reach the finish line – said Gabor Sagmajster.

Two more days remained until the end of this year's Dakar, and all Gabor wants after eleven days is to get some sleep.
- Last night I slept only four hours, so the most important thing for me now is to get hold of the camp and my tent, and get some sleep. Before that, I will certainly talk with my colleagues about the day we left behind us, namely about the next day of competition. Greetings to all the people who follow the Dakar and cheer for me. There's not much left and I will find the way and strength to get to the finish line - said Sagmajster.

The results of the stage 11 from Antofagasta to El Salvador: Cyril Despres (France, Yamaha) 6:38,59, Olivier Pain (France, Yamaha) +2.37, Jordi Viladoms (Spain, KTM) +3,02 ... 51st place Gabor Sagmajster (Serbia, KTM) ...

Overall ranking: Marc Coma (Spain, KTM) 48:39, 41, Joan Barreda Bort (Spain, Honda) +37.36, Jordi Viladoms (Spain, KTM) +1:52, 56 ... 53rd place Gabor Sagmajster (Serbia, KTM) +20:23,29 ...

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