"Traffic school for kids" - how to cross the road safely

When kids are old enough to become pedestrians, roller skaters, bike drivers unaccompanied by adults, they are the most vulnerable traffic participants.

Statistics of the Agency for the Traffic Safety for the whole Serbia is that from 2010 till 2014 82 kids lost their lives in traffic accidents, while 7.783 kids were injured.

The need to increase the safety of all traffic participants has initiated Euro Petrol company and the site "Polovni automobili" ("Second hand cars") together with Auto Sport club "Petromax" from Novi Sad and company "Venera Bike" to start Traffic school for kids.

The support to the action was also provided by the Department of Traffic Police of Subotica. The purpose was that with the help of this action children would get acquainted with traffic rules and safe traffic participation.

On behalf of the company Euro Petrol, Danijela P. Vojnic has pointed out that systematic work on traffic education with active parents', kindergardens' and socially responsible companies' participation is vitally important for the reduction of number of children's  traffic accidents.

"The purpose of "Traffic school for kids" is to educate our youngest on time for the correct and safe behavior in traffic. Euro Petrol, as a socially responsible company, has organised some activity appropriate for kids understanding, through its personal example it shows the children how to move safely in traffic and how to respect traffic rules", - emphasized Danijela P. Vojnic.

"Traffic school for kids" took place on Friday, 29 May 2015, around 500 participants took part in it! The first part of the action referred to the education of 110 kids from the kindergarden "Naša Radost". The second part was at Prozivka, next to Gabrić bridge, and consisted of a series of different creative workshops, getting the licence for pedestrians, skills training ground, testing of the knowledge about traffic, RC cars races, simulation of alcohol intoxication with the help of "drunk eyeglasses", prizes for younger and older kids and so much more.

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