This year`s edition of dakar rally came to its end

According to all the participants, this year`s edition of the marathon rally was the hardest so far held rally in South America.

Gabor Sagmajster, the only representative of Serbia at the Dakar rally, won the 53rd place in the competition of motorcyclists after 13 special tests, which is also his best performance so far. So far, Sagmajster’s leads in his score against Dakar with 5:1.

- I am fully satisfied with the result I achieved this year, when it was most difficult. Let those who think they could do better buy a motorcycle, prepare 100.000 Euros and apply to Dakar, and let them try. I believe that for a long time there will be no one from Serbia who will be able to finish five times, the Dakar rally, the biggest and toughest marathon rally in the world - was the first Sagmajster’s comment in the telephone conversation.

From the January 5th to 18th, with only one day of break, all the participants travelled more than 8,000 kilometres through Argentina, Bolivia and Chile driving across exceptionally rough terrains at high altitudes, under fiery heat. There isn’t a single competitor, whether individual or member of the factory team, who hasn’t made at least one mistake.

- I fulfilled my plan, no matter how it sounds to others. I can say freely that this year's Dakar edition was the hardest so far, and this is my sixth participation in South America. I achieved the best result so far reaching the 53rd place in the overall ranking, in these conditions. I know that I was announcing that I can be among the top 50 and, as far as I am concerned, I managed to accomplish that. There were no contestants on a motorcycle, quad, and crew in cars and trucks that made no mistakes. It just happens; it is just not possible to be 100 percents concentrated throughout all 13 days in extreme conditions. On the ninth day, I had a tough fall, and the next day already I had a problem with navigation and on that occasion lost three hours, which is exactly the difference distancing me from the placement among the top 50 - Sagmajster summed it up.

For the final day, the organizer made the ceremonial ramp where all the participants were supposed to receive awards and that will be followed by the celebration. Our team starts from Chile on Sunday in order to arrive at the Belgrade airport on Monday.

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