Accompanied by their teachers and supervisors the children spent their days in the most beautiful way, namely they were spending their time together playing games and participating in competitions together with other participants of the Camp.


Not a day passes without thoughts of our customers, in particular the youngest ones. We organised Easter promotion intended for the youngest ones at all our petrol stations around the country just before the Easter. The expressions of their faces, looks and smiles are the only valid measure of success of our promotion.


April 17th, 2014 - Kotež, Borča, Zemun-Ratarski put, Zemun-Saobraćajnica T8, Novi Beograd, and Viline Vode

April 19th, 2014 - Bačka Topola, Zrenjanin, Vrbas-Ive Lole Ribara, Vrbas-Njegoševa, Novi Sad-Temerinski Put, and Novi Sad-Heroja Pinkija


Namely, on Saturday (March 15th, 2014) at 12 o’clock the visitors of our stand will have the opportunity to meet, take photographs on the motorcycle, get autographs and spend time with a long-lasting champion in motor-cross and the only representative of Serbia at the Dakar rally, Gabor Sagmajster!


No matter how much we talk about the recently completed Dakar rally where the representative of Serbia Gabor Sagmajster won the 53rd place in the overall ranking in the motorcycling competition there is always something else to say and add.


Despite the fact that they landed at the Belgrade airport half an hour before midnight, on the St. John’s Day when half of Serbia is celebrating and the other half is being invited as guests, a large number of journalists’ crews, cheerers and friends met Gabor Sagmajster and his crew on their arrival from another successful quest to South America.


Gabor Sagmajster, the only representative of Serbia at the Dakar rally, won the 53rd place in the competition of motorcyclists after 13 special tests, which is also his best performance so far. So far, Sagmajster’s leads in his score against Dakar with 5:1.


Our motorcyclist ended up at the 55th position, while he occupies the 53rd position in the overall ranking. Joan Barreda Bort failed to jeopardize Marc Coma but he is ranked behind Sagmajster because of the problems he had with his motorcycle and damages on the Honda.


Today he started as the last motorcyclist and managed to overtake almost 30 rivals during the race.